How do I Place an Online Order?

To place an order, you’ll need to sign in to your store account here.

Once logged in you’ll be able to browse, or search, through our offering of products. Once you have found the product you’re looking for, click into it. Select the quantity amount you want, and add it to your cart. Continue doing this until you have all products added to your cart.

Click on either Checkout or on the Cart icon next to the search bar towards the top of the site, and proceed through the standard checkout process.

To Place A Bulk Order: Navigate to the store homepage, scroll down below the scrolling banner image, and click on Download Product Form (CSV). A CSV file will download to your computer. Fill in the Hillman Item Number in column A and the quantity desired in column B. Make sure to save your file as CSV. Navigate to your shopping cart, and click on Upload Products (CSV) to upload the CSV file you created. Your shopping cart will populate with all valid products and the quantity entered in the spreadsheet.

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